Digital Marketing Intern

  • Anywhere in India
Job Description:

The internship will help you to practically implement your learnings of Digital Marketing Knowledge.

Learnings from the Internship:
  • Implementation of Different Social Media Marketing Strategies.
  • Blogging & its implementation.
  • Guerilla Marketing Techniques in some of the messaging platforms.
  • Learn to Interact with Strangers.
  • Learn the relationship between Marketing & Sales.
Required Skills & Qualifications:
  • Should have a Learning Attitude.
  • Should not leave the Internship midway. Please do not apply, if you only want to get a certificate. In such cases, certificates become just a piece of paper.
  • Anyone Interest in Digital Marketing can apply.
Steps to Apply:
  • Click on Apply Now Button & Register.
  • In the menu section, Go to Internship & Click on Apply
  • Once application is Submitted, it will be screened. You will be informed of the screening result.
  • Post screening, further details will be communicated in the email.